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You sigh, waiting I wonder

In the day time

I dream still asleep under

Veil of night I’m

Awake in your dreams


Your memories it seems

The way you feel

Delicate nebula

Passing through my heart

Beating supernova

Nurse us back to the start

When we were alive and well

Our wishes shooting stars that fell

Earthly desire to know you

As back then

Even far apart I still do

Know you when

I saw you in the crowded streets of the city

The flaw of how fast my heart beats in me

Ticking time bomb as you shine

Brightly so, presence benign

You walk by so close but I

Let my wishes stay in the sky

I sigh — you sigh

Every afternoon passing by

© The Sad Owl

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The Sad Owl

I'm just here. Until I'm not.

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