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The Train is Never Late Only Too Early

Vermillion velvet ribbons fall in tandem

Like tethers to fates, all the places I can’t follow

Soft as they gently caress me, only in a memory

Cerulean droplets given, all sin demands them

Light feathers at gates, fall in a space where I am hollow

Aloft they sway arrestingly, heaven has not sent for me 

Swain in the big city with trains to my heart on time and swiftly

Iron tracks and steely gazes hitting me and then the sight of you

Graceful and elegantly holding onto the lamp post, smiling 

Plain and unworthy but my heart pained with no words, just what I see 

Lights on intact, freely wasted in your glow, there was no night with you 

Tasteful can be negligently folding the ticket that cost us… another fare to ride

We somehow missed the train that night just to coincide 

But not all things happen together

© The Sad Owl

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The Sad Owl

I'm just here. Until I'm not.

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