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Star Light

What does it mean to have a soul at rest?

I wander, along the shore where waves lightly brush the sand.

The glimmer of salted grains reflect the stars and darken as they eclipse behind clouds.

My footprints wash away along with the light.

I wonder, will I too disappear so peacefully and so suddenly? Will I be cleansed of all my wrongdoings?

Will I be baptized by the sea and forgiven on a wish for a falling star?

Would anyone wish on me if I was falling just for them?

And if so, what would they wish?

I was not born to walk on water and the further I walk, the deeper I get.

It isn’t this sinking feeling that will be my undoing but the way I can’t breathe above water.

Even here, I am disappearing. 

©️ The Sad Owl

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The Sad Owl

I'm just here. Until I'm not.

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