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An Excerpt on Love

I think love is when you can’t close your eyes to sleep,

because you haven’t heard the familiar lullaby of a voice from the one you love…

Love, what is it?

Is it a long and distant lullaby

Remembered long ago, a mother’s voice cradling a child

Love, who is it?

Growing up lost, to try

In a time of constant stop and go, changes going wild

Love, when was it?

Realized by two, born to die 

My love will surely go on after a soul departing gently smiled

Love, where is it?

Now gone only left to wonder, why?

© The Sad Owl

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The Sad Owl

I'm just here. Until I'm not.

11 replies

      1. I’d like to think the right one will come along. If every “dude” was the right candidate, it just wouldn’t be anything special 🙂
        I also like to think everyone is a little light, gently glowing and floating along altogether, but sometimes one light sees another and then they no longer just glow but shine together. I think that’s when love and life really begin because you can see the world differently, in a different light.


      2. I don’t think that’s true, it’s harder for sure, life changes as you get older but I’ve seen your pictures and I’d be decently surprised if you haven’t been noticed. Just have to look in different places maybe like the grocery store or library, unusual places unlike in our 20s when we can just hit the bars and events of the sort. I think it’s good to remain hopeful, you never know when it might hit you or where.


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