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Fleeting Beauty

Art displayed: Fire by Lisa Sommers Bridges – by .Sinh (optional musical accompaniment)   Ephemeral beauty Fleeting tragedy Where I found you In a high magnitude catastrophe An amber stone born of blazing fire Steaming water into airborne sapphire The forest now a burning pyre The emerald leaves fueled your […]

Hearts of Time

Blackened bark in a disparate forest Where the hearts of the unrequited hang like fruit Tied by a noose that could not forget Ropes of memories created this cemetery Fairly but far Screams in the distance As blood fed the soil below No monsters here No fear Only the disdain […]

Lost Shadow

Will He – by Joji (optional musical accompaniment) Penumbral love lost The light steers you away So bright and I lose sight Another day And I’ve lost you again Regrettably never will I find another spot under the sun Dark shadow of mine We try to chase you together In […]

The Shade

The opportunity finds itself Wilting, fading to gray Never here to stay I failed to seize the day And watched it slip away Just out of reach Where the rays of sun gleam And I close my  eyes to sleep In a shade of dreams The cutrains close and open […]

Fear Our Story

Trying to find the perfect words Finding the title currently unnamed To a story that continues to go unwritten Even the fiction of it becomes so unreal That it’s reality rings harsher than even the truth There are no perfect words to bring it back now What we choose to […]

The Night Sky

Weak – by Yuutsu (optional musical accompaniment) I cannot say that I am not jealous You spoke softly in my ear The same words that you whispered Onto the palette you held Beautiful and succinct Creating color Clear but divided In multiplicity But qualities of your features Unknown to many […]


The sky that day was grey and somber With a happiness that turned to sadness She went away like lightning And the thunder of my choked up cries, they followed And though the rain was heavy The lightning still ignited fire in it’s tempest She no longer the temptress And […]


I was looking out the window into pitch black night No stars in the sky to indicate the looming interest of the sun I could wait in endless night Thinking of you I Dream the day away I sleep in broad daylight To feel the warmth against my skin, no […]