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Hourglass to umbra The time spent in shadows So light and heartfelt Wine in the bloodstream Not meant for us we fumble the stars and words hallow Pray we might leave well Supple torn supplied seam  It would seem that the sand is running low The ground dug out just […]

Sun Dried

Endearing In the dark fearing Hands of the clock stop So minute, fragile and falling Like the length of a hair stretched to its end Broken and holding onto the faintest scent So quiet like a ghostly whisper calling Asking how was our time before then Taken with the wind […]

Just Drinking

It’s probably just a habit Certainly and forsooth  Whisky glasses’ ice turn like planets Sadly the way I move Jagged, ridged, redd Lagging head and dread  I can’t tidy my mind though Something like the way you make my heart slow  Love as blind as the ocean deep Dreams of […]


Contorted blue hue mix swivel center black Distorted turns like a tornado, abyss to not come back Sink in deep waters, drown liquor, sicker than a ship, toss and turn more violently than the waves Weather storms , black clouds thicker, lightning flicker, disappear behind the door of a mind […]

Caught the Quarantine

What was it that I saw that night Small chill in the wind, icy words took flight I wondered or perhaps wandered, aimlessly Without a notion of the anger it gave me Walking into the dark in a frame till we Painted over the past Was it the regrets still […]

The Birds

We are family Flock and fairly To be so weary Wearily reefing Cutting the wind Lights be dimmed Arranged in our seating Did I lose you in our organization Was it the impulsive me with imagination That you thought so highly of and sought after While I aimlessly fought for […]

Let Go

I… haven’t heard your voice in a while Now less timorous in character and style Uncareful and uncordial Cold and unforetold  The last time you spoke… well to me In great enthusiasm you announced that without me you’d be happy I left promptly so we could see Was that truly […]

Is This Heartbreak?

There is a hole, heart blackened accent Happy accident Tears the soul apart, all when it went The imminent  Just like coal, start a fire in its burnt scent  Not heaven sent Hellish laughter followed after Lost in math that hath no number  Relished drafter, final product for her Words […]

Clyde Ride

Drunken stupor in times bluer than a starless night sky Sunken deep time becomes a blur and begs the question, I … No, that’s a lie As I wonder why I’m feeling bad about the way that I’m living Too young to not rest in peace  Too old to not […]