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A Girl Named Taylor

I’ll still want to kiss your lips Under the morning sun Keep warm with you as winter nips Cold skin not warm when one Slow dance in the room even if too nervous Hold you close and close our eyes as the worst is … Bound to come Stay wound […]

Burn Out to Fade Away

Ocherous flame dances the same Flicker and untamed, gentle crackles, call a name Myrrh scented candles illuminate the room One last time always seems to soon Auburn hair burned wildly here Memories of a yesteryear  When they all finally burn out So too will my heart melt like the wax […]

Slow Dance

A nervous mess In the wake of what is To finally meet you Feet growing cold Runaway with my heart Not so bold After all, spreading cold fingers apart In my mind I dance with you to warm up For what feels like the finish of a wait  Is just […]

Like We Used to…

It was like a dream Till I said words I did not mean Heard you cry your heart And decide it best to part Ways There were a lot of ways The way you laugh The way you joke The way you play Fun and poke Runaway and still I’ll […]

Life Happens

The distance grows further With every word untouched Your tongue used to transfer to mine Everything you ever worried about Sharing your grief, the sorrow All goodnights and see you tomorrow But the sun is up And perhaps we have given Far too much to simply walk away A decision […]

With Deep Regret

Little wars of the heart Hurt the worst What slowly tears apart Are small words at first Bigger actions Unhinged captions Of moments we can never take back I regret opening my mouth for the sake of my passions © The Sad Owl


I could not understand amiss Admist nothing and no situation Where this sadness was born The linger of a second-hand kiss All its false loves and adoration For what tears with no salt mourn I wondered Was it intuition  And why so naturally Plundered The vision As a heart sank […]

Far in The Stars

How much? I span the stars  Looking for you I can pick you out You’re the brightest When you smile I just can’t fight it A beating in my heart That could stop time, so tight it  Squeezes me in my core Butterflies flitter wildly  As I wander while we […]


Expedient indenture My inventor For all I am I want to let go The light bulb lost its glow The ink on my paper had dried and settled In thoughts of love and sadness where I meddled Still I try to erase the memory of you What do I do? […]

An Excerpt on Love

I think love is when you can’t close your eyes to sleep, because you haven’t heard the familiar lullaby of a voice from the one you love… Love, what is it? Is it a long and distant lullaby Remembered long ago, a mother’s voice cradling a child Love, who is […]