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I thought I heard a voice Familiar in sound Asking for a choice Muffled words drowned Dehydrated, my thoughts Cloudy now tongue dry Hands flailing poor fought Losing this I try Opportunity lost cannot be restored Unsalvageable wreck will never float to shore No more I said, no more The […]

Love’s Seasons

How we met like this Serendipitous All the colors of autumn Falling around us The last leaves wither It was winter In the blink of an eye You and I Moved like the hands of the clock Seconds seemed precious In the hours we would talk When did it contract […]


Old man grows senile Can’t remember his name Lost for quite a while Wandering from where he came He swears he knew He was once born too No can’t remember that either He continues to wonder

Cynical Editor

Untimely undone Redacted finally retracted It hurts To play off the edge and fall Is the worst Why is it so bad to bounce off of the words Of those you admire, everything that you’ve heard It’s true A cynic that limits their humor to curs What life is that […]

Sinking Cities

We reached — Across separate shorelines The same sea divided us Breathing deep We jumped at the same time To swim if we must The waves carried us Further but also closer Away from the shoreline now In turbulent tides I will find you someway somehow We promised deep inside […]

Black Seraph

Seraph tears fill my inkwell I write our initials on obsidian They resonate light that fell Encompassing; your eyes the meridian Destination nowhere but here Your skin fair as moonlight Lips red like ruby Hair black as the night sky A song bird of beauty © The Sad Owl

Etymology of Hurrah

Winds of sylph carry the autumn leaves Memories cut deep; sharper than Mistilteinn Dancing in the air, slowly the world tree weaves A fate by which the gods could have never seen Demise Despair The sunrises Hot air Unbearable the heat Dries the lands The crops of fields become ash […]

Short Breath

The way. The veil of clouded vision I can’t. Find the light within, and I stop. For just a brazen moment We stop. Myself and time itself Let go. Take a breath, it will be okay. I know. To think we thought it would work out It won’t. Not even […]


Cherry blossoms like honey dribble; continuous fall Light, negligent barefooted walk on beauty Sake too strong Spirits overtake me Winced memories for love of Hiroshima Can I retrace these steps in this blizzard of falling petals   © The Sad Owl    

A Savior Siren’s Song

The rampancy of my thoughts I stop to collect The message in a bottle Sent to the sea of your soul, its depths The latency of it is not Because I don’t see your beauty yet The flow of your waves in passion I follow them in steps The map […]