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Your smile casts a shadow  Crescent as the moon Sharp as a star pointing its light It hurts My heart Familiar and to be forgotten Spoken and distant Whispering along light-years  Somewhere outside the atmosphere I can’t breathe when something so beautiful Remains so far away © The Sad Owl

For a Moment

When still is still Like words etched in stone Forever here After and after  Forever and ever Made for ever  For always, a defunct motto And always will be  Sadly, solemnly Solely take all of me  Take my soul please If you please On my knees pray for me I’ll […]

Star Light

What does it mean to have a soul at rest? I wander, along the shore where waves lightly brush the sand. The glimmer of salted grains reflect the stars and darken as they eclipse behind clouds. My footprints wash away along with the light. I wonder, will I too disappear […]

Idyllic Diamond

What will people think?  They will think whatever they desire to think Lithe figure bodaciously dancing into the dark The quiescent twilight where you shone through  Calling out to a time we could call our halcyon drift Floating gently in a crystalline unison  Broken apart at the edges in 58 […]


In– All your worries left with the wind Exhale out In– All the love that has never been Exhale out In– All love lost in lust and sin Exhale out In– All dreams held just within Exhale out – Into the world with peace Your breath comes to life ©️ […]

Subtle Rejection

The way your eyes glow and pupils dilate wide Body turned away and no heartbeat felt inside Hopeful blood rushes through the veins Dreams and thoughts flow inside a brain Too moronic to interpret that Perhaps in fact I am still alone and that you feel nothing at all © […]


I could fall asleep Content with whatever outcome If I die then Let the decay of my small crown Holding on to a blackened tooth Procelain keys that rang out Words about you And a quilled tongue Gently feathering All the fine details Send notes of your highness ©️ The […]

Blue Petals Pink

Painting cherry blossoms Littered ground forgotten The petals in my hand fall as steady As the tears in my eyes The river flows and the roots take hold Even this pain can produce Something beautiful ©️ The Sad Owl

Silver Soul

Gently running my hand across old printed photographs Old skin turned to dust reached out to me Hands of the clock trying to lay their fingertips against mine And guide me through their lives Smiles as the then young adults watched children try to eat pie with no hands Pretending […]

Holding On

The most important one in life Goes dancing into oblivion Wait till morning light To see places that I’ve never been Yawning in the grave  Asking when will it be… my turn to sleep To dream at night After the faint glow of twilight As the sun sinks deep Just […]