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Idyllic Diamond

What will people think?  They will think whatever they desire to think Lithe figure bodaciously dancing into the dark The quiescent twilight where you shone through  Calling out to a time we could call our halcyon drift Floating gently in a crystalline unison  Broken apart at the edges in 58 […]


Purveyor of emotions Could not sell a smile  Kisses from hell are passionate  Would you not take me with you?  Life disappears in a motion We only breathe a while Lost in desire, left behind a passion pit  The things we seek after are few Safety for the soul Peace […]

Runaway Anticipation

Breaking down anatomy Lattice of our system chemically Off the grid you won’t ever see me Human desires; look upon me keenly The hunt for the things that make us happy Desperately, I run from obligations bound to trap me How could it be you want the same so badly […]