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Wooden Home

And you don’t have to build on this wooden home With baseboards rotten and memories forgotten The presence in vines coursing away and upward Like old blood turned to mold onward to heaven Reaching for the light It’s dark now though and the winds are growing colder The moon is […]

A Long Way From Yesterday

The darkness is crowding our light Our shadows forced out of sight And soon even us Our eyes, ours fingers, our feet, our toes The skies that once lingered where the sun no longer glows The sounds of our voices grow distant, down the river flows Water droplets slowly cease […]

Thomas & Wisp : The Cavern

Thomas & Wisp are characters from my current novel work. Thomas is a boy who has ran away from home and Wisp is a bite sized fairy with big opinions and a whole lot of attitude. These are off-shoot stories I write for fun. I hope you enjoy some otherwise unlikely interactions between, Thomas & Wisp.

That Way

Emerald stars wane Engulfed in crimson beauty The moon red as ruby Casting onto the sky Small figures in the shadows run to tall grass Hide with hands clasped Praying for safe passage Tonight is the night The end of all opulence The sky is swallowing the sea To quench […]

Last Train Home Together

Whistle in the wind screaming Smoke in the sundown gleaming Through Right through the soul of the heart Fox hole burrow Hidden sorrow Riding to nowhere, a hole at the start Of endless worry Of no tomorrow That day with you was the best A train ride home to rest […]

Marianas Trench

It’s the way you hide In the fire of a wood burning stove All your passion’s laughter Fall inside an ember Trying to make a memory With no recourse or action Failing to remember, no recollection after What it’s like to be alone The sound of church bells ringing And […]

One Lonely Cigarette

Have you ever seen a cartoon? A red headlamp under the moon? The small orange at the end of a cigarette? Like the smokey cloud of text defining a thought that spells regret Flowing aptly in the quiet of cricket chirps by a lake Imagination in place of the memories […]

All of the Stars

My heart fell deeply Into an abyssal drop Kettle with an abysmal top Boils over With no one left to hold the warmness of all I am up Hold my hands together, to pray and just for what Cold inside my chest, I rub vigorously at a hollow cage Warm […]