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Your smile casts a shadow  Crescent as the moon Sharp as a star pointing its light It hurts My heart Familiar and to be forgotten Spoken and distant Whispering along light-years  Somewhere outside the atmosphere I can’t breathe when something so beautiful Remains so far away © The Sad Owl

Far-Off Friend

Simple and sweet Short and without Awake without sleep Head off the stout Drinking to increase thirst Want to want not Refuse food and won’t eat Breathe slow… In and out Find inner peace And release the words from my mouth Floating in the wind my wishes that whisper Quietly […]

Old Visitor

Exquisite and cultured coriander sweat Dripping expectation and runaway  Small crumbs of bread in my hand Pray for me and safe travel  I’d sip wine the most bitter If it could donate my will and hope Blood that I have saved, all for you Hundreds of drops Slow and sincere, […]